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Friday, August 27, 2010

Parenting Blog Posts with similar theme to Child in Mind

Being on vacation has led to a sparsity of blog posts, and now its full speed ahead with the book. I decided once again to borrow from fellow bloggers and post a few links. The first is to a parenting blog by child psychoanalyst Kerry Kelly Novick. This particular post, Wise parents a welcome sight on road trip offers an excellent demonstration of a parent holding a child's mind in mind.

Another is Reading the Baby's Mind by developmental psychologist Charles Fernyhough. Along with Elizabeth Meins, he is doing research that demonstrates the importance of parents thinking about their baby's mind in facilitating healthy emotional development.

A third, Small Steps by psychoanalyst Paul C. Hollinger offers an example of supporting a parent's efforts to reflect on the meaning of her child's behavior.

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